Super Bowl Safety: A Winning Playbook for Game Day

Superbowl Safety
Superbowl Safety

Super Bowl and safety are not things we think about as being thought worthy. As the excitement builds for the biggest event in sports, it’s crucial to ensure that the thrill of the game doesn’t compromise your safety. Just as in football, where safety is a pivotal defensive play, celebrating the Super Bowl safely should be a top priority. Let’s explore essential safety tips and precautions to make your Super Bowl celebration memorable for all the right reasons. 

Make Super Bowl a "Safety" Holiday

In an intuitive blog post by the Workforce Institute, the question arises: Should the Super Bowl be a holiday? While this may be a humorous notion, the idea of incorporating safety measures into our celebration is undeniably crucial, especially when alcohol is served.  

Mitigate the risk of a DUI and put the phone numbers of nearby taxi companies on your phone, add Uber or Lyft apps if you don’t already have them, or identify a designated driver. You can then access these resources with just a tap and take the necessary action to not operate a vehicle while intoxicated. If there is no other way for you to get home, be ready to stay the night. By embracing safety as a key component of our festivities, we can avoid unnecessary pitfalls and ensure everyone has a great time. (The Workforce Institute, “A Super Bowl Like No Other”) 

Stay in Bounds: Tips for a Safe Super Bowl Celebration

We can have an intentional game plan. Valuable insights into staying safe during Super Bowl celebrations are just as in football, where crossing the boundaries can lead to a penalty, in real life, it’s important to stay within the limits of responsible behavior.  

Avoid the "Super Bowl Syndrome" – Burns, Bites, and Bruises

An article from EMS1 (Emergency Preparedness) sheds light on what they call the “Super Bowl Syndrome,” detailing the common injuries and emergencies that occur during Super Bowl parties. From burns caused by cooking mishaps to bites from unruly pets or even bruises from enthusiastic celebrations, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks. One of the largest days of the year for binge drinking is Super Bowl Sunday. Apart from the consequences of alcohol poisoning, falls, atrial fibrillation, and injuries sustained in auto accidents, heavy drinking also increases the risk of these conditions. By taking preventive measures and staying alert, you can ensure that your Super Bowl gathering remains injury-free. (EMS1) (

Defend Against Food Poisoning

There is a lesser–known threat during the Super Bowl – food poisoning. The spike in intestine-related Emergency Room visits on game day serves as a reminder to prioritize food safety. Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, make sure to follow proper food handling and preparation practices. This includes thoroughly cooking meats, avoiding cross-contamination, and ensuring that perishable foods are stored at the right temperatures. After considering all your selections, dish your meal.  

You can accurately monitor how much you consume and are more likely to hold yourself accountable when you plate your meal. If you do inadvertently overeat, it is advised to wash your system out by consuming lots of water first. Make sure you eat healthily during the day to avoid starving yourself before the party. (Daily Mail) 

Celebrate with Intention

In the spirit of the Super Bowl, where every play is meticulously planned and executed, taking safety precautions should be part of your celebration playbook. By incorporating these safety tips into your game day festivities, you can ensure a victorious and injury-free Super Bowl experience for everyone involved. Let’s celebrate safely and make this Super Bowl a memorable and enjoyable event. 

In case of an emergency, contact Rice Emergency Room which is open 24/7, even on Super Bowl Sunday! When it comes to these pressing healthcare concerns, you can rely on Rice Emergency Room for prompt, accurate, and comprehensive emergency care.  

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