Diagnostic Imaging in Houston, Tx

Get accurate imaging services from the best state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging facility in Rice Boulevard, Houston, Tx.

Imaging Services in Rice Village

Imaging tests are crucial in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Residents of Rice Village and West University Place can head to Rice ER for a full-service 24/7 imaging facility that houses topnotch equipment such as ultrasound, CT Scan, and X-Ray.

Rice Emergency Room provides quality imaging services to detect disorders and help emergency doctors in devising an accurate treatment plan for any medical condition.

Imaging Center in Houston

Rice Emergency Room boasts a 24 hour full-service radiology department staffed with certified and licensed radiologists.

Our specialists are equipped with up-to-date knowledge on proper imaging techniques. Our facilities are equipped with advanced technology that keeps up with the changing needs and demands of diagnostic services.

Our Quality On-site Imaging Services in Houston

We are the leading provider of advanced imaging solutions in Houston that help in facilitating fast diagnosis and health monitoring.


Also known as diagnostic medical sonography, or simply sonography, an ultrasound uses sound waves to capture images inside the body and detect your current health condition. Ultrasound is mostly used for genital and prostate problems, gallbladder disease, and other metabolic bone disorders.

CT Scan

A computerized tomography (CT) scan takes images of different parts of the body and presents detailed cross-sectional slices. Its primary use is to check the conditions of the soft tissues, bones, and blood vessels and detect internal damages and injuries.

X-Ray | 45min results

X-Ray is an imaging test that captures images in black and white. This type of test is used to spot conditions such as fractures and pneumonia. Results are out in less than an hour.

Need affordable, high quality, advanced medical imaging services in Houston? Visit us at Rice Emergency Room or check in online today.
Imaging Ultrasound

Benefits of our On-site Imaging Services in Houston

Diagnosis is critical in managing and treating whatever condition you may have. It is important that the best imaging facilities are accessible to you 24/7.

Premium Facility

We provide quality diagnostic services for Houston residents. Our array of imaging equipment are sourced from the world’s leading providers of state-of-the-art technology.

Convenient diagnosis

Once you go to our emergency room, you no longer have to hop to another medical facility to get an imaging test. Our staff will directly assist you to our 24/7 on-site facility for a fast and easy procedure.

Quality and Affordability.

We offer diagnostic imaging services that are affordable. Our partnership with top health insurance companies also gives you flexibility in the costs.

Why Choose Rice Emergency Room for Your Imaging Service Provider in Houston, Tx

At Rice ER, we do not delay healthcare. We provide urgent medical care and convenient diagnostic service for faster treatment and recovery in West University Place and all of its inner loop neighborhoods.

Here are the reasons why choosing Rice Emergency Room for your imaging test needs is the best decision for your health.

Topnotch Diagnostic facility

We take pride in having an on-site diagnostic facility that is equipped with advanced technology in imaging services.

Board-certified Specialists

Our team consists of licensed and board-certified doctors, nurses, medical technologists, radiologists, and other medical personnel who are skilled and experienced in dealing with emergency care.

Fast and Accurate Results

Our CT scan, ultrasound, and X-rays provide the most accurate and detailed images that help your doctor in proper assessment and diagnosis. We provide the results in 45 minutes.

Facilitate Better Treatment Plan

Our imaging facility provides a big factor in receiving a quick and precise treatment plan, which makes recovery faster and more convenient.

Diverse emergency services

We provide a wide range of emergency services, from treating adult and pediatric medical conditions to imaging and laboratory services. We also offer emergency care of workers and help facilitate hospital admission for further medical treatment.


Imaging tests provide detailed images of parts of the body that need assessment in relation to suspected diseases and medical conditions such as trauma and fractures.

Imaging tests help in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases. The information derived from the results aid the physician in preparing a personalized treatment plan.

Before an imaging procedure, make sure that you wear loose and comfortable clothing. You also have to discuss with your doctor or the radiologist about any underlying condition and if you are pregnant.

Keep in mind the following precautions before you undergo a test:

  • Don’t wear metal objects such as jewelry, hearing aids, dental devices, or hairpins
  • Avoid using creams or lotions
  • Don’t eat or drink before a GI test

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