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Different Types of Burns

Burn Injury

Thermal Burn Injury

Thermal burns are the most common type of burn. They occur when your skin comes into contact with something that is extremely hot, such as a flame, scalding liquid, or hot object.

Chemical Burn Injury

Chemical burns occur when your skin comes into contact with an acidic or alkaline substance. These burns can be extremely painful and cause serious damage to your skin.

Chemical Burn Injury
Electrical Burn Injury

Electrical Burn Injury

Electrical burns occur when your skin comes into contact with an electrical current. These burns can be very deep and cause damage to your tissues and organs.

Radiation or Flash Burn Injury

Radiation burns occur when your skin is exposed to high levels of radiation, such as from the sun or a radiation therapy treatment.

Flash Burn Injury
Burn Injury

Inhalation Injury

Inhalation injuries occur when you breathe in hot air or steam, which can damage your lungs. This type of injury is often seen in firefighters and people who have been in house fires.

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Symptoms of Burn Injury

Depending on how severely the skin has been damaged, burn symptoms differ. The warning signs and symptoms of a serious burn may not show for a day or two.

1st-degree burn

This mild burn merely penetrates the skin's surface layer (epidermis). Redness and discomfort could result.

2nd-degree burn

Both the epidermis and the second layer of skin (dermis) are affected by this kind of burn. It could result in skin that is swollen, red, white, or patchy. The pain may become intense and blisters may form. Scarring may result from second-degree burns that are deep.

3rd-degree burn

This burn penetrates the fat layer beneath the epidermis. Burned patches might be white, brown, or black in color, and the skin could appear leathery. Burns of the third degree can damage nerves, resulting in numbness.

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