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Rice Emergency Room is fully equipped to handle all types of burn injury emergency care in Houston.

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Both adults and children in Houston, Texas, can receive burn treatment at the leading emergency center Rice Emergency Room. Our state-of-the-art, fully stocked urgent care facility, run by board-certified doctors, is a much more cost-effective, faster, and practical option than a busy hospital emergency department in non-life-threatening situations.

Different Types of Burns

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns are the most common type of burn. They occur when your skin comes into contact with something that is extremely hot, such as a flame, scalding liquid, or hot object.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns occur when your skin comes into contact with an acidic or alkaline substance. These burns can be extremely painful and cause serious damage to your skin.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns occur when your skin comes into contact with an electrical current. These burns can be very deep and cause damage to your tissues and organs.

Radiation or Flash Burns

Radiation burns occur when your skin is exposed to high levels of radiation, such as from the sun or a radiation therapy treatment.

Inhalation Injury

Inhalation injuries occur when you breathe in hot air or steam, which can damage your lungs. This type of injury is often seen in firefighters and people who have been in house fires.

Causes of Burns

There are many different causes of burns. These include:


Hot liquid or steam

Hot metal, glass or other objects

Electrical currents

Radiation, such as that from X-rays

Sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet radiation, such as a tanning bed

Chemicals such as strong acids, lye, paint thinner or gasoline


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Symptoms of Burn Injury

Depending on how severely the skin has been damaged, burn symptoms differ. The warning signs and symptoms of a serious burn may not show for a day or two.

1st-degree burn

This mild burn merely penetrates the skin's surface layer (epidermis). Redness and discomfort could result.

2nd-degree burn

Both the epidermis and the second layer of skin (dermis) are affected by this kind of burn. It could result in skin that is swollen, red, white, or patchy. The pain may become intense and blisters may form. Scarring may result from second-degree burns that are deep.

3rd-degree burn

This burn penetrates the fat layer beneath the epidermis. Burned patches might be white, brown, or black in color, and the skin could appear leathery. Burns of the third degree can damage nerves, resulting in numbness.


Burn Injury Complications

Despite significant advancements in the care of burn injury patients, systemic problems and burn wound complications are common.

Complications of deep or widespread burns can include:

• Bacterial infection, which may progress to bloodstream infection (sepsis)

• Body temperature is dangerously low (hypothermia)

• Abnormalities with the bones and joints, such as when skin, muscles, or tendons become shorter and tighter due to scar tissue (contractures)

• Ridged or scarred patches brought on by an expansion of scar tissue (keloids)

• Fluid loss, including decreased blood volume (hypovolemia)

• Breathing issues brought on by inhaling smoke or hot air

How We Handle Burn Injury Treatment in Houston

At Rice Emergency Room, we understand how devastating a burn injury can be. We are here to provide you with the best possible care and treatment. Our team of specialists is experienced in handling all types of burns, from the most minor to the most severe.

We offer a wide range of burn injury services in Rice Village and all of its Inner Loop neighborhoods, including:

Emergency care

We will provide you with immediate medical attention.

Inpatient care and Outpatient care

Depending on the severity of your burn injury, our doctors will decide whether you require inpatient or outpatient care.


We have rehabilitation programs to help you get back on track.

Pain management

The pain management for burn injuries can be complex. Often, burn patients require medication to control both the pain and inflammation, This may include prescription painkillers or over-the-counter medications.

Psychological support

It can be traumatic to deal with a burn injury, we have in-house psychologists that can help you cope.

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Benefits of our Burn Injury Treatment

Our burn injury treatment has several benefits, including:

Stop the burning process and control pain

Stop the burning process and control pain

Regain function

Once you have started to heal, our burn injury treatment can help you regain function and get back on your feet.

Prevent infection and reduce scarring

We are dedicated to prevent further damage or infection and reduce scarring marks as much as possible.

Get immediate, convenient burn care treatment at Rice Emergency Room. Book an appointment with us today.

Burn Injury Treatment Cost

The cost of your burn injury treatment will depend on the severity of your burn, the type of treatment you require, and other factors. At Rice Emergency Room, we offer a range of payment options to make treatment as accessible as possible. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Rice Emergency Room for Your Burn Injury Treatment?

Rice Emergency Room is the best choice for burn injury treatment in Houston. We assure to provide the best services.

We offer affordable but quality treatment.

We offer a variety of payment options to make sure that you can get the treatment you need.

We make sure to provide personalized care.

We offer personalized care to each and every one of our patients. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

We have top-notch facilities.

We have state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped with the latest technology. This allows us to provide the best possible care for our patients. We are happy to serve all of our neighbors living in Morningside Place, Southampton, Southgate, Old Braeswood, Braeswood Place, Sunset Terrace, Montclair, Greenbriar and Knollwood Village, Upper Kirby, and River Oaks.

We have a team of dedicated experts.

We have a team of specialists who are experienced in treating burn injuries. We offer a variety of services to help you get back to your life as soon as possible.


If the burn is minor, hold it under cool water for five to ten minutes or until the pain subsides. Do not put ice on the burn.

If the burn is more severe, seek medical attention immediately. Do not remove any clothing that is stuck to the burned area, as this could further damage the skin. In all cases, avoid popping any blisters that form.

If you have a burn that is more than three inches in diameter or if it affects your face, hands, feet, genital area, or a major joint, you should see a burn specialist.

You should also seek medical attention if the burned area is:

  • Blistered
  • Swollen
  • Pus-filled
  • Red, white, or black in color
  • Painful
  • Crusted over

A skin graft is a surgical procedure in which skin is removed from one area of the body and transplanted to another. Skin grafts are often used to treat burn injuries. The skin that is transplanted may come from another part of the patient’s body (autologous graft) or from a donor (allogeneic graft).

There are several home remedies that can be effective for treating minor burns, such as holding the burned area under cool water or applying a cooling gel. If the burn is more severe, however, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

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